Our Strategy

Investing with
discipline, flexibility,
and creativity.
Supporting and

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Emerald Lake is disciplined in applying an established strategy developed by our team that uses our Core Company Framework to evaluate investments and our Value Creation Process in an effort to accelerate growth in partnership with management. Investments range from buyouts of thriving companies to more complex opportunities requiring customized solutions across all market environments.

Our Core Company Framework

Competitive Advantages

Enables companies to outperform through market cycles


Converts enterprise growth into equity value

Controllable Levers to
Generate Return

Actions to create value in a competitive market

Resilient Business Models with
Secular Growth Trends

End market tailwinds and intrinsic stability

Our Value Creation Process

Our Value Creation Process is predicated on building supportive, trusting relationships with our management teams. We aim to:

  • Develop a shared vision and align on ambitious goals to drive value creation
  • Determine high-impact opportunities for investment
  • Remove or work through historical constraints to growth
  • Empower teams with the financial, intellectual, and organizational resources to achieve our collective aspirations

As proactive and constructive partners, we seek to support and empower our management teams to unlock the full potential of our portfolio companies and build enduring value.